Chapter 9: The incredible ROI of GTA5

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Nice to see you again here! This is Jack!!

It is Week 10 now and this will be the last chapter of “The book named Jack”.Anyone gaming fans here?Anyone enjoy playing GTA5 these days?Jack had a lot of fun in GTA5!


Oh, back to the point. Today Jack is going to talk about a new stuff called: ROI and see how incredible ROI the gaming company RockStar has made relying on just the GTA5 game.Want to explore more?Come with Jack!Go!

So, what is ROI?Generally speaking, ROI(Return On Investment) is the concept of an investment of some resource yielding a benefit to the investor. A high ROI means the investment gains compare favorably to investment cost. Experts usually use ROI to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments.

So why we use the GTA 5 game as study case to talk about the ROI here?

The game is super hot these days!Too hot!

When I am telling you a gaming company spent 250 million dollar on a game, implementing Google Satellite to setup the whole map in a game, probably you will say:Are they insane? That’s how RockStar creates GTA 5. Such a luxury gaming plan made GTA 5 the expensive game in history.Let’s see the chart below:


But RockStar still controls the gaming market,even they put 250 million dollar on a game.

Here is the weekly top-selling games chart obtained from


Notice that the release date of GTA5 is Step.17,2013.We can see from the chart, 17,524,494 copies of GTA 5 game sold within only the first 5 days!Assume that the average price of each GTA 5 game is 85 dollar,so the profit will be 1,489,581,990 dollar!Almost half of the cost had been returned.Good news isn’t it?

Dear reader you may ask,so what?The above is all you mean by incredible ROI of GTA 5? Of course not..But nice question!

As a wise reader, you may have noticed that I have forgot the cost of advertisement.Thanks for your noticing!

Here’s the thing!Let’s change the topic to advertisement.Today Jack is not going to talk about the normal commercial TV advertisement or Street ads.Let’s focus more on social media advertisement.Jack is used to call it advertisement 2.0.

Imaging that Jack is the CEO of RockStar gaming company.Now I created a GTA 5 gaming trailer as the official trailer and uploaded it to YouTube.I also made a Facebook page for my lovely GTA 5 gaming.Then I release the news that the user who repost the video or like the GTA 5 official Facebook page will have the chance to win some virtual clothes in GTA 5.

Let’s make an assumption about the total cost for these two activities:

Let’s say the awesome trailer is made by a group of 5 RockStar staff in 5 days’ limitation.

GTA 5 gaming trailer edit and creation: 5000 dollar;

Staff Payment:20 dollar/hour, 8 hours/day.

Staff Payment in total:20x8x5x5=4000 dollar;

One limited edition cloth design: 2000 dollar;

Social media account creation and monitoring and other fee:5000 dollar;

So the cost of these two activities are:16000 dollar, which equals to the price of nearly 190 copies of GTA 5 game.

Let’s see what’s happening with the official GTA 5 trailer posted on YouTube by RockStar Company 2 weeks ago:


458,294 times of view;69 likes and 17 dislike within 2 weeks.

The “like rate” will be (69/(69+17))x100% = 80.23%

According to the data above, let’s make another assumption.

The worst situation: only 1% viewers decided to buy GTA 5 after watching the trailer.

So the profit will be 458,294×0.01×85 =4583*85=389555 dollar in total.

The average situation:80% viewers wanted to buy GTA 5 after watching the trailer.

The profit in total will be 31,164,400 dollars.

The greatest situation that 100% viewers decided to become GTA 5 gamers:

The profit in total will be 38,955,500 dollars.

Remember the cost of our GTA5 trailer and Facebook reposting plans? Only 16000 dollar.

Let’s calculate ROI for these activities:


According to the formula above:The ROI is going to be

In the worst situlation: (389555-16000)/16000 *100%=2334%

Even only 1% of viewers bought GTA 5, the ROI is still 2334%!What a huge percentage!Remember Jack is not calculating the Facebook repost activity at this time,if added,the percentage will be higher.

As a wise reader you may question if it is possible for costing only 16000 dollar to achieve these two activities.Nice question!Let’s see in this way:

I assume that the ROI is 200% and I put all the saved money to the cost of trailer creation; YouTube Facebook page maintenance and the Repost and Win activity.If the ROI is 200%, in the worst situlation (1% viewers bought GTA 5) the cost will be increased to 186,778 dollars.It means when my 186,778 dollars’ budget to complete such two activities, I will still got 200% ROI. How could you spend 186,778 dollars to make a one-minute trailer; to create some social media accounts and do some social monitoring? Jack believes that the budget is to rich.

That’s why Jack is saying the ROI of GTA5 is incredible with the help of social media.

Cool, that’s all for this week!Since this is going to be  my last blog post,Jack wants to say something more.Really appreciate those readers who follow my blog,hope that all of you whatever my followers or not, can learn something from my blog post,even just little. Jack is willing to share my knowledge and opinions with all of you guys!Proud of you!

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Chapter 8: The art of Social media monitoring

“Pardon?Are you saying ‘The art’ of social media monitoring?How could that be an art?”

Nice question!Welcome to week 9..How’s your week 8 going?Jack was too busy to make every assignment happy. So I call it week 9’s blog,but actually it is week 10 Monday already. Alright,this week Jack is going to talk about Social media monitoring.I have played with some social media monitoring tools..Handy and helpful..Share my experience to you my dear visitors!

So what is social media monitoring?

Social media measurement or ‘social media monitoring’ is an active monitoring of social media channels for information about a company or organization,usually tracking of various social media content such as blogs, wikis, news sites, micro-blogs such as Twitter, social networking sites, video/photo sharing websites, forums, message boards, blogs and user-generated content in general as a way to determine the volume and sentiment of online conversation about a brand or topic.

Simply speaking, monitor a specific brand to see what’s going on with this brand in social media content.It is really helpful for organizations to understand their current situation and improve strategies.

So, let’s get to know an awesome social media monitoring tool called “How sociable”.Easy to understand, just as the title goes, how sociable is your brand? Jack tried the keyword “Translink” .We can see the picture below.


After you put the keyword in the search bar,the website will analyze and show the magnitudes in popular social media websites  within the latest week.

You may ask”what is magnitude” in this situation.As is explained in “How sociable” website,magnitude score provides an indication of the level of activity around a brand during a given week.Jack is thinking to make it more easier for my dear readers to understand.Given that the score is 1.7,so we can simply times the score by 10 (which is 17) and regard it as an percentage.So 17% of the YouTubers who uses Translink are talking or have discussed about Translink within the given week. Wish it helps to be more understandable.So if some brands achieved the score 10,it means it is really popular these days!

So,now we can easily access these scores just by searching some specific keywords.but how could these scores be helpful to brands or companies?To help brand or company to analyze current social media status more deeply?To analyze even their competitors more deeply?Different people have different opinions.Thanks to social media tools mashed-up such awesome data for us. At least,by implementing these tools, organizations can have opportunities to improve their business strategy. And how companies analyze these data and put these data into right usage,that’s what the “Art” means.Even with the same data, different companies can achieve different outcomes.So, in Jack’s opinion,social media monitoring is important,but the data mining of social monitoring is more important.

Alright,that’s the end of this week’s blog. Today Jack shared some experience about social media monitoring with you.Wish you could enjoy and have a good day my lovely readers.Here is the blog “A book named Jack”,wish to see you next time!




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Chapter 7: Vodafone:Let’s play a social media game!

Hey visitors,

Nice to see you here and how’s your weekend going?Hope you have got a lovely weekend.This is Jack,your old friend.This week we are going to talk about a famous telecommunication company–Vodafone,and how Vodafone enhance business and gain benefits by implementing social media tools.


I believe most of you know Vodafone?Right?So let’s move on.

If you have read my previous blog posts, you will understand that there are several value levers associated with implementing Enterprise 2.0 as explained in The Social economy full report by McKinsey Global Institute. Today I am going to focus on some of the levers.Let’s see what Vodafone has done with social media first.

Although you could easily hear costumer saying that “Vodafone’s telecommunication services are not good at all.Network speed is low!Not stable at all!Telecommunication fees are expensive!”,etc. You have to admit that Vodafone is still having a large size in telecommunication market. Vodafone covered almost all the popular social media fields.


vdffb We can see the above page, that’s the Facebook page for Vodafone Australia region only.It has got 261,657 likes by Sept.2013.


And, Vodafone has twitter as well.With nearly 30,000 followers just in Australia Region.

Vodafone also has its own YouTube Channel and Wikipedia page.

All these social networking not only help customers to gain better known about Vodafone,but also assist Vodafone to provide better services to customers.It is bidirectional.Users can obtain latest information from Vodafone’s social networks and With the newest information updated by Vodafone staff, it is equivalent as Vodafone’s advertisement activities.One of the amazing benefits is that almost all of these social networking services are free.At the same time, the advertising effects they have made are even better than TV or broadcasting advertisements,which cost lots of money to be achieved.These benefits that Vodafone gained can be simply related to the function of gathering information mentioned by MGI in the report.

By the usage of social networking such as FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube, Vodafone can easily provide better customer care than before.As we all know that customer care is crucial to any of the   service business,especially for some daily services such as telecommunication,transportation etc.Now things getting better with social networking.Customers even don’t have to go to the physical stores to deal with some of the  telecommunication issues.Move your fingers to ask questions on Vodafone’s Facebook page or Twitter page, to search videos to see if your issues can be solved by following Vodafone official instructions.All these stuff are now becoming so easy with the help of web 2.0 and social networking.With these great tools, both customers and Vodafone itself are greatly benefited.

Viewing from enterprise-wide lever, social media tools help Vodafone to match talent well to roles. By viewing customers’ comments and suggestions, Vodafone will understand more about the demands and requirements of most of the users. It helps Vodafone to provide more services meeting customer’s needs.It also gives a helping hand to Vodafone on technical research fields.What are the latest technologies that can be used for better telecommunication services.This helps Vodafone to be on the right track. Vodafone is still playing this social media game,Jack is really want to see what’s going on with Vodafone in the next few years.

All right, that’s all the stuff for this week.A little bit serious writing style than my previous ones. Wish you guys still enjoy reading my blog,and feel free to leave comments,Jack will reply one by one!

Here’s the blog “A Book Named Jack”!Wish to see you next week friends!To be the author!To write the book with Jack!Cheers!


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Chapter 6: “PJ” with the social media

Hey readers!

Welcome to the lovely Week7

How’s everything going?

Busy with your assignments or works?

Alright,this week,Jack is going to continue to talk about how organizations get benefit from social media implementation.This week’s main character is the “PJ”.(Reader:What the “…” is PJ!?). As is defined in the official website, PJ is  the abbreviation of Philanthropy Journal—A non-profit organization delivers news, information, resources and opinion about charitable giving, fundraising, management, leadership, marketing and communications, focusing in particular on building organizational capacity.

(Reader:We don’t care about the definition! We just wanna know how can I do with PJ!)

Cool, that’s the point.

Let’s see some parts of the PJ website.


So,as we can see from the picture above,we can read news,get resources,also find jobs with this website.All the news and resources are related to charitable giving, fundraising, management, leadership, marketing and communications,as mentioned above.

Then, Jack is going to talk about how people can get benefit from this Philanthropy Journal website .


The table above is from The social economy report created by MGI. As it is shown from the table,different values can be created across social-sector organizations.The three main values including collect information and insights; mobilize resources and execute mission.Let’s see how these values are applied to the Philanthropy Journal.

 Collect information and insights.

That’s understandable.As a  publication, the main task for the Philanthropy Journal is delivering latest news.That’s a way of gathering information.All news or other useful information related to non-profit are updated daily.Also, users are welcomed to send useful info to Philanthropy Journal website via emails.Jack is think this as a kind of crowd source resources.The update and maintenance of the website is not only the admins’ duty, but also all the visitors’ duty.That’s why Philanthropy Journal can always deliver latest and helpful info to readers.

Mobilize Resources

It is easy for website like Philanthropy Journal to create and expand the volunteer network.There’s a link says “Become a PJ supporter” at the front page of the website.That’s not the main point.The main point is, The readers of the PJ website are mainly nonprofit professionals, volunteers and people interested in news and information about the nonprofit sector. Most of them are keen on nonprofit support.It is very likely that readers will become a volunteer to provide support to nonprofit establishment,and retain support as well.

Execute Mission

Philanthropy Journal is a good resource for the public to access education from.The range of the education impression is depending on the spread of the website.As a well-known news website, Philanthropy Journal has its own Facebook page and twitter page.At the same time, all PJ news are supported to be reprint by any other organizations.That also helps to enhance the spread of the PJ website. The only thing you have to do is notify PJ that your organization has reprint some of the news from PJ website.Whatever reading news,or getting resources or even finding a nonprofit job from PJ website,all these functions are effective to engage nonprofit supporters.That’s the impact of Philanthropy Journal.

Allright, that’s all for this week.Hope you has already got  familiar with the Philanthropy Journal website and got some knowledge about how this website get success with the help of social media tools.(Readers: Yay we do!)

Thanks for your coming and feel free to leave comments below!

Wish to see you next time~

Have a nice day mate!


Chapter 5: Warning!New invisible cutthroat!

Hey guys nice to show’s everything going this week?In the middle of your assignments or mid-term exams?That’s Jack’s status @_@,But,no worrys, take a seat and let us have a short chitchat!

All right,so,what’s the topic today?You may want to ask “What do you mean by new invisible cutthroat in the title?”Nice question!Today we’d like to talk about some legal issues that organizations may face while implementing social media in workplace.I guess everyone here uses Facebook and YouTube right?As you can see, more and more companies have created their own Facebook page and even YouTube Channels.

“So,that’s fantastic!We all know more about these companies!”

“Yes,that’s it!But as the saying goes:Every coin has 2 sides.So we’d better pay attention to the legal issues these companies may have to deal with”

Here is a recall from Lawyer Malcolm Burrows’s lecture,we can see some legal risks to the organisation below:


All right let’s pick up Apple Inc as an example.Let’s see what kinds of risks such a huge business company may have to face or even put Apple to death in some extents.

1.Confidential Information

Pretty understandable,guys have you own your Apple account?Warning,all your personal information inside.Even your credit account number!Once someone hacked Apple’s database in some purposes,all these information are in a unsafe position.You may ask “how could this happen?!They are Apple security staff!They are so powerful!”

As a League of Legends player,Jack is telling you that the agency company of such a popular game announced several days ago that all the user information was badly hacked and users had to reset their password to play LOL. Ridicules isn’t it? So, any companies have the possibilities to face information disclosure issues.

2.Employment Wrongful Dismissal

This is also easy to understand. Famous companies such as  Apple,Samsung or Microsoft all treat their employees with high level standards. It is not a big case that some employees lose their jobs just because they are replaced by people with higher abilities.They did nothing wrong but they do lost their jobs.Wrongful dismissal may push Apple to  the teeth of the storm. People may leave negative comments and rumors via social media due to the unemployment.Don’t say you will not!You lost your job buddy!Who will be happy in this situation?So,that’s another issue.

3.Technology Risks

This one is straight forward.Let’s imagine that Apple fired a leader of one programming group due to the group cannot get the work done on time.This gives the opportunity to the leader to spread some application source codes which are still under development.Then, related applications may be in danger because the source codes were spread to the public.

4.Reputation Risks

What’s the most important one for a famous company?To keep it famous,isn’t it?So, you need positive reputation to occupy a place in user’s heart.But, the thing is, while implementing social media advertising, The reputation of a company may also be influenced.As is mentioned above, the person fired by Apple may leave negative comment ;spread rumors;publish confidential files whether on Apple’s official Facebook page or via personal social media tools.Once these negative comments were showed on Apple’s official page, all the users that liked Apple will be possible to see these comments.


Let’s see above, what a popular company including nearly 10,000,000 likes and 45,520 discussing.If some rumors or comments were announced from Apple’s ex-staffs,there will be a painful hit on Apple!(Apple may break into pieces and get ready for apple pie!Yummy!lol).And, you don’t know when your naughty staff will put negative message,it is very common that once realized, it is too late to be saved from danger.Oh,sad!

Is it pretty much like a invisible cutthroat?

All right, so many legal risks!So, how can we protect organizations from being influenced by these risks?Here’s some advice.

  • Enhance employee’s security and ethic awareness.
  • Try the best to avoid wrongly dismissal,and be careful about all the information that employee accessed when employee quit office.
  • Pay more attention to data security,especially for the confidential information.
  • Reduce the possibility of the third party’s information communication
  • Put more time monitoring any official pages created via social media websites or tools.

All right, that’s all the stuff for this week,Jack wish you are now have a brief concept about the legal risks that an organization may have to deal with when using social media tools.Nice to see you here on time!:D and Jack is looking forward to your comments!I will reply each of them!!See you next week on time!



Chapter4: Shopping at Coles, you are the boss!

Hey mate, how’s going?A lovely weekend are coming!Welcome to visit this blog on time!Emm,this week Jack is going to lead you to Coles to see how this supermarket going with it’s business and why this supermarket Coles,has a place in Aussie’s heart.  Want know more?Come with me!(Readers:We are the big fans of woolworth!Yeah! Don’t care about Coles! Jack:That’s fine..= =|||)  

Ok,here’s a table from The social economy report arranged by MGI, tells you some ways that social technologies can add value in organizational functions. Let’s see below.

Table 1:



That’s it. As we can see from the table, there are ten ways for creating additional value in organizational functions. Today I am going to mention 2 aspects:”The marketing and sales” aspect and “The customer service” aspect.

As a supermarket, Coles did very well in marketing communication and interaction.

Coles offers almost the lowest price for customers in daily necessities.They deliver all information  short and sweet.Not only about goods and prices,but also about some weekly special stuff.What’s the biggest problem you are going to face when you shopping?Finding out what you want among variety of wares.Is that true? I hate that anyway.In Coles, you can see goods information in very prominent positions with logical classification. Even the goods are on weekly special with super low prices, you still can find them easily. Further more, web 2.0 technology is smartly used in Coles’ sales strategy.There is a mobile app especially designed to assist customers to have better shopping experiences.Here is a screenshot about this app.



Several useful functions,right?With this app, customer can obtain information that both what they want to know(e.g.: Find products) and what Coles wants to tell you(e.g.:weekly sepcial) within this little screen!


Let’s play with some functions.See the pic below!



See,it not only tells you the product details, but also tells you where it is located!Easy to find!Pretty hommization design, isn’t it?



That’s why Coles has gathered so many flybuyers(The memberships of Coles). Coles offers diverse ways to deliver sales information. Coles not only tells you about what they offered, but also thinking in your side, tells you where are the goods you want!What a lovely Customer-Centric supermarket!

Meanwhile, Coles did very well in market research and customer insights.Wanna tell any suggestion or ideas to Coles? Super simple stuff! So many different channels to get this done.Leave comment on Coles’ official Facebook page,Job done! Tell Coles via Twitter,job done! Say something on Coles’ official blog,job done! Even, deliver your ideas with Coles mobile app,job done! Numerous numerous!Pick up one you like!

Diversified channels to deal with customers’ suggestions and complains really give help hands for Coles to do market research, as well as customer insights.

Really worth taking time to talk about the customer service in Coles.  Humanized as usual. Plenty of staffs arranged for assisting customers to deal with any shopping issues including price scanning; finding goods’ location;payment issues etc.What makes me feel very comfortable is that staffs will automatically go beside you when you are in shopping trouble,they are looking for anyone needs shopping assistance,but not waiting for customers to ask for help.That’s why I am regarding Coles as a customer-focused supermarket. Not over yet, as it is mentioned above, some useful functions can be found in Coles’ mobile app as well.Finding products;scanning product price(mobile camera support needed); even recording shopping list! All these can be achieved easy as pie with your cell phone. Get something to complain?Feel free to go with it! Coles treats you as a god I promise!

True story of Jack,few months ago I was not happy with a box of strawberry brought from Coles. I brought two boxes of strawberries and I found one box of strawberries were a little bit smaller than the other one. I was thinking that this issue is too small to be mentioned, but finally I went Coles to deal with this stuff. The customer manager gave me 2 boxes of strawberries and a $10 voucher..Felt really warmed!

 Every business wants make more profit, that’s the way it should be.As a business company, obviously, Coles wants make more money,but the thing is, Coles making more money in a very acceptable way.It is not like some other businesses just focus on profits. Coles makes you feel like you are the boss when shopping.

It is all about “Cheers!I will be your membership! I really like your services!” 

but not about “Finish the payment first then you can enjoy nice services!”

That’s how Coles create value with the assistance of social technologies and why Coles can still towered among so many competitors. I am going to be the “boss” again tomorrow afternoon. Swag!

Allright, that’s this week’s story!Hope you guys can enjoy it!Cheers friends!

Eh by the way,if you read my previous blogs you may ask why “Readers” are so silent today?! They were all very active in previous week’s blog and did a lot interaction with you Jack!

Jack is saying:”Remember,at the beginning, what readers said?”

Readers:”We are the big fans of Woolworth!”

Jack:”Come on you naughty!!!”


Thanks for visiting!Hope to see you on time next week!


Jack Li 


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Chapter3: Thanks to web 2.0 tools makes Jack more lazy!

Hi there, long time no see ah? This is Lazy Jack talking..

(Readers: Lazy Jack, we only know Hungry Jacks!lol)

Ok that’s fine buddy, Hungry Jack is starting to become lazy and the Lazy Jack is going to be more lazy these days!How nice it is!Let’s see what’s going on..(Readers:Poor Jack~)

As a social technology beginner, Jack have learnt how to facebook, how to twitter, how to wiki and….(Readers:And how to be more hungry!!Hahaha)

Allright, here’s the story.One day,Jack’s friend told Jack that she’s going to bed.30 mins later,Jack saw her online status on Facebook.Stupid Jack asked her:”You juggler why you don’t go sleep!?You told me 30 minutes ago that you are going to sleep.” Smart her replied  like this:”I am just saying I am going to bed and now I am on the bed using facebook chatting, what’s wrong with me my little Jack?”.Jack felt himself so little at that time..”WHAT?How the hell can you use Facebook on your mobile phone?”..A minute later,Jack excitedly downloaded ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ and played with that little toy for the whole night.               fbmbl

Since then, Jack seldom get up from bed because he can use Facebook via moblie. What a  fantastic tragedy it is….(Readers:We weren’t born yesterday Jack.We all knew that long ago!!)

In detail, what Jack’s doing every night with Facebook mobile?(Readers:Wow, breaking news! night stuff! ^ ^ Jack:Come on guys keep your mind clean OK?) For sure he chats with his friends, he sometimes posts photos captured by mobile phone;he visits friends’ timeline pages and..he refreshes them again and again..(Readers:Jack you are so lonely! We don’t have such American Time like you. Jack is going to cry..)

With Facebook mobile,you can almost do everything with Facebook, just like using your computer..Chatting,visiting timelines,post something,commenting, check out what’s happening named it ok? That’s one reason why Jack is becoming more lazy..If you are used to play with Facebook mobile,throw your laptop away please!! (Only for browsing Facebook I mean.) Jack’s remark:Facebook never ends with Facebook mobile!)

Reader:(That’s all? We want some more!Famous Jack!)

Alright, an other story sharing with you guys.That’s Jack’s true story ok?!Remember to reference if you cite OK?(Readers:Shut the @@@ up!! We want the story!!)

Jack is doing 2 units with lots of group assignments this semester. As we all know that almost all group assignments requires so much group meeting time to get the work done.So, what if someone is too lazy to go to uni to attend the group meeting?(Readers:Bad student!Fail him!).OK,finally the story begins:Last week Jack was required to done some research work in a group assignment and after everyone finished their work,Jack was asked to combine all the work together and submit it. The assignment was due by last Sunday night. When Jack recalled this stuff,it was Saturday night already. For sure Jack was so worried about it.It was saying  that Jack had to go to uni on Sunday to combine all the stuff together!? That was killing such a Lazy Jack. Whatever, Jack facebooked all group members to gather uni together at 10 A.M. but no one replied Jack.Suddenly Jack received a Facebook message saying that “Here’s the link for Google Docs folder,just put your part into the document, download and submit it please.I am just doing my part on Google Docs.Feel free to leave your comments there.”.  “Are you kidding me?”Jack was thinking.Then stupid Jack was waiting for friend to finish his part.20 minutes later Jack sent him a message saying: Bro have you done your part? I am waiting for you to finish then I can start to put my part in.” I can imagine how big my friend’s mouth opened at that time..Thank god we are still friends now..(Reader:It is so “lucky” to have such a funny friend. Ha ha ha ha!).Later Jack realized that, with Google Docs, all group members can edit documents at the same time.How amazing is this little toy!!Google Docs saved lazy Jack from going to uni on a lovely Sunday morning.


Yes, this is the magic toy,all you need is just a Google account to log in(Or you don’t even need an account if the document is permitted for anonymous user to edit.). You can edit your documents online with your group members,chat and leave comments in real-time.No longer worried about any group document editing stuff in any group assignment.Google Docs also supports variety kinds of document formats such as docx, xls, pptx,etc.All we need is just a Google account!(Readers:Say it again?! Jack: All we need is?! Readers: a Google account! Jack: Clapping!)

Since then, Jack is no longer planning to go to uni for any group assignment editing.This is an other reason that makes Jack more lazy.

Anyway,thanks to such incredible web 2.0 tools make me more lazy,make my life more convenience.

Alright this is this week’s story, thanks for reading mate and looking forward to see you next week mate!Feel free to leave comment mate!Have a good one mate!(Jack:Am I sound more Aussie?Ha ha ha).

Your friend,

Jack Li

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